Our Service

Successful businesses today depend on innovative logistics more than ever before. Gone were the days where businesses only require very traditional and conventional freight forwarding. At Arrow Speed Line Co Ltd (ASL), not only are we your one-stop integrated logistics and transportation service provider, but also a solutions provider to take on your modern day complex supply chain demands.

The differentiating factor of ASL against our competition is our ability to deliver customized service products that each customer wants. This may be tailored to the need of individual targeted markets or even assembled for specific requirements of any individual customers. With our flexibility approach, ASL is well positioned to maximize and make use of every existing opportunity which is pivotal to the success of the company.

We are committed to ensure that all supplies, materials, equipment and services are procured at the most cost-efficient using qualified vendors.

The cost composes of price, quality, availability, delivery and service level. It’s easy to stay with the same supplier year after year but we are here to help you re-evaluate your choices.

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When dealing with our customers, we suggest cost savings through smarter procurement, reduced overheads, optimized supply chain processes and minimized risks.

At the same time we have a deep understanding about the geography of the supplier’s network, so that we represent a clear reference for outsourcing the procurement function in a proactive way.

We are very keen to analyze, split, compare and indicate the right road for purchase over several assets from retail to general affairs, from IT purchases to raw materials.