Inland freight is the process of transporting a variety of goods domestically with modes such as road, rail, sea and air.

Domestic transport by road is the most common, mainly used by containers or other vehicles such as trucks, vans and tank trucks. Flexible cargo from small to large quantities or solid, liquid cargo. However, to avoid congestion, reduce the load for roads, many businesses gradually shifted to transporting domestic goods by rail. Saving transportation costs because goods are concentrated on the station before loading onto the train.

Air freight is also another option that is becoming a choice of many customers because of its outstanding advantages in time, fast travel speed, and safe cargo.

Viet Nam with a sea side from the North to the South have greatly influenced domestic cargo transportation in our country in recent years. An increasing number of shipments are taking place at sea, helping shipments move between provinces and cities more convenient and effective, maintaining market stability.

Inland sea freight is cheaper than other modes of transport, transport capacity and high safety because of less risk in the transport process. The shipment weight and size is not a big problem when shipped on the sea.

Arrow Speed Line Co., Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest performance standards in the industry. Through our meticulous approach in serving our customers’ logistics requirements, we have gain the necessary experience and trust that is recognized by our valued customers and this is evident from our growing customer’s base within Vietnam.

Our Service

  • Transportation of LTL, FTL and bulk cargo
  • Inland waterway transport: Providing weekly inland waterway transport services from HCM to Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon
  • Multimodal transport
  • Timely pick-up and delivery 
  • Special transportation of heavy weight, oversized and project cargoes